Washington Drug Card Testimonials

Having the opportunity to offer the Washington Drug Card has been just one more opportunity to build a bridge with an organization and give value to our membership. We have added the information to our website and have also mailed the cards out personally to our members. ��� Thank you Washington Drug Card!

Amy J.
Longview, WA

This is such a neat program, I'm truly amazed. I was only going to purchase one of three of my medications until I learned of this assistance program. I was able to buy all three which I really needed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Ava B.
Olympia, WA

The Washington Drug Card program has been a great addition to our membership benefits and services package. With the skyrocketing cost of medicine and healthcare, any savings that our members can realize is extremely helpful. We appreciate the opportunity to partner together with the WDC team to provide this benefit to our local business community.

Matthew B.
Issaquah, WA

Last month I was given a prescription for nausea which wasn't covered by my insurance. When the pharmacist said it would cost $87.00 there was no way I could get it. A woman in line behind me saw my distress and offered me a Washington Drug Card. The pharmacist processed it online without having me filling out any forms. It was so easy and the medicine ended up costing me a third of the price quoted. I am so thankful there is such a program that really helps people in need.

Sheri S.
Puyallup, WA

I was so scared when my daughter's insurance was cancelled and I was left without insurance for a month. She takes a daily hormone medication which she cannot go without. I just didn't have the funds since I had recently lost my job. Luckily my sister told me about the Washington Drug Card program that doesn't have a monthly fee and offers a great savings. I tried it at my pharmacy and couldn't believe the price. I am so happy to have found this program and will hold onto my card in case I ever need it in the future. Many Thanks,

Amy R.
Puyallup, WA

Thank you! This card has helped me save about 30% off my medications. I need to use a couple brand name medications and could not afford them without your card. I will continue to use the Washington Drug Card and would love to get a few more for my family. I am so appreciative!

Corey M.
Tacoma, WA

After recently losing my insurance coverage I was in a panic trying to figure out a way to afford my monthly medication for anxiety. I visited WashingtonDrugCard.com, printed my free card and presented it to the pharmacist during my next visit. I was in shock when the pharmacist told me that I received a savings of over $30.00. Thank you so much Washington Drug Card!

Candice C.
Seattle, WA